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               Glancing up from my phone at the apartment building I sighed. “This was stupid.” Hold my phone in both hands I tapped my fingers on the screen. ‘If they want their phone back they’ll call it from a different number. Problem solved.’ Putting my phone back in my pocket I huddled further into my jacket and kept walking. I should’ve worn gloves. Holding my hands together I brought them up to my mouth and breathed a few puffs of hot air into them before quickly rubbing them together to spread the warmth.

               Walking past an alleyway I felt my arm being gabbed and was suddenly pulled back into the shadows. “Well look at what we have here.” I looked over my shoulder at the person who had grabbed me. He smiled down at me, alcohol evident on his breath. “We’re gonna make you feel good.” He said leaning in towards my ear.

               “You grabbed a good one this time.” I looked towards the new voice and saw an equally shady man walking towards me. Reaching out to me he held my chin in his hands. “She’s got a real nice face.” Still holding my chin, he leaned back and his eyes racked over my body. “The rest of her doesn’t look bad either. Forcefully removing my chin from his hand, his buddy gabbed my other arm. “You better behave, missy! It’ll be easier on you.”

               “I’ve never really been one to do as I’m told.” I said as I slammed the heel of my boot down on the toes of the man behind me. Screaming out in pain his grip on me loosened. Ripping my arms free form his hands I turned around and using the heel of my hand jabbed it up against his nose. Staggering backwards he held his nose in his hands, blood oozing from between his fingers. Turning towards the other man he looked at me I shock before charging at me. Bringing my foot back I swung it forward colliding it against the vulnerable spot between his legs.

               Cupping himself in his hands he fell to the ground, whimpering. He wasn’t going to be getting up any time soon. Turning back towards the man who grabbed me his eyes were wild with anger as he sneered at me. “You bitch!” Spreading my feet slightly for support I punched him as hard as I could when he lunged at me. Falling to the side he groaned as he looked up at me. Hearing the sound of footsteps from behind, I swung my foot around in a kick only to have my ankle caught in mid-air.

               I looked back at a man with white hair and mint-green eyes. Gripping my ankle harder he pulled me toward him at the same time he took a step forward. Putting his other hand on my hip he positioned himself so we were touching intimately. He dugs his fingers into my hip when I struggled. “The fuck is your problem?! Let me go you creep!” Letting go of my ankle he flawlessly caught my fist before it landed against the side of his face.

               “You only had to do one simple thing.” Looking slightly annoyed he stared at me. “Now what am I to do with you?” He said as if it was an afterthought.

               “Letting me go for starers!” I screamed at him. As if on instinct my body shivered as a slow, sly smile played at his lips.

               “I can’t do that anymore.” Pulling a cloth out of his pocked I heard a popping sound as he pinched something wrapped inside it. In one fluid motion, he put a hand to the back of my head while forcing the cloth against my mouth and nose. My vision began to blur as I looked up at him, his eyes seeming to glow eerily. “You should’ve just listened.”

               I winced as my eyes fluttered open, only to have an unfamiliar ceiling come into view. Sitting up I brought a hand to my head, pressing lightly to try to ease the pounding. Hearing the scraping noise of metal against metal I looked down at my wrist. “What the fuck?!” Quickly holding up my other hand I found that both my wrists were each secured in a handcuff. Following the longer than what would be considered normal chains, my eyes widened as I saw they were connected to the metal headboard of a bed.

               Fighting back the fear that was bubbling up inside me I looked around the room. There were no windows and the only light source was from the many computer monitors connect to the opposite wall. Where am I?! My mind frantically raced as my pulse began to pulse in my ears. Pulling against the chains I tried to see how far I could move, which wasn’t much. Grabbing onto the chain of one hand I tugged at the cuff against my wrist.

               “Good you’re awake.” My head jerked in the direction of the voice. It was the same white haired man. His hair giving off a ghostly white sheen against the dimly lit room. He was walking towards me and I pressed my back against the wall. Sitting at the foot of the bed the light from the monitors reflected against his eyes. If I hadn’t known any better, I would’ve though he was an apparition. Slightly tilting his head to the side, he hair smoothly fell across his eyes. Every instinct told me to shrink away from him but I clenched my fists and held my ground, staring back at him.

               His sudden laughter sent a chill down my spine, and my heart pounded frantically in my chest. Turning his body, he placed his knees on the bed and started to slink towards me. Fully expecting it, he grabbed my ankle as I tried to kick him away. Laughing again he sat back on his heels. “To be honest, I was going to be really bored if you cooperated fully.” He reached into his pocket like the first time I’d met him, but this time he pulled out a bottle. “Take this.”

               “Fuck you!” I yelled at him while trying to kick him again. Looking thoroughly amused he held the neck of the bottle between his teeth and grabbed both my ankles. Roughly pulling he slid me down onto my back, him between my legs. Leaning forward he held both chains in his hand and pressed them against the mattress, fully immobilizing my hands.

               “You will.” He said smiling, the bottle quietly clanking against his teeth. Reaching up with his free hand he grasped the bottle and removed the stopper with his teeth. Keeping his eyes locked on mine he emptied the contents into his mouth. Dropping the bottle, it slowly rolled towards our combined weight on the mattress. Grabbing my chin, he held my head still as he pressed his lips against mine, forcing the liquid between my lips.

               It was sweet as it passed over my tongue and I fought my hardest not to swallow it. My eyes widened as he reached up to pinch my nose closed, his eyes stared back at me the whole time. The battle was over in a few seconds when I was forced to swallow to breath again. Pulling back, he a satisfied smile spreading across his face. He caught the small dribble of liquid that had escaped out of the corner of my mouth with his thumb. Getting up off the bed he looked at me he licked it off his thumb, before turning around and walking towards the computers.

               “W-what did you just give me?! Whatever it was you just took a little of it too!” I said frantically as I sat up and watched his back. My mind automatically went to a poison like in the movies. Maybe it was lethal in large doses and he had just build up an immunity to it.

               Turning slightly to face he smiled again, which made my blood run cold. “It was an aphrodisiac. You’ll beg me to fuck you before too long.” Laughing at my shocked face he turned back around and sat at the computer and began to run his fingers across the keys of the keyboard.
My Drug
You had one simple job. Follow directions and go to an apartment. In a last minute decision you changed your mind. After fighting off a pair of drunkards you're approached by a white-haired man with mint-green eyes, and he is faced with the dilemma of what to do with you now.

Read the rest on AO3 ^^…

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              Things had started to get better since Saeyoung had gotten through to his brother, Saeran. After much deliberation the other RFA members had welcomed Saeran, despite all the wrongs he had done. Because the apartment had held so many memories Saeyoung had purchased it. The bomb had since been removed and important files sent somewhere else with better security. In all counts the apartment that was almost like a prison at first turned into a regular living space.

               You were drying your hair in the bathroom getting ready for a date with Saeyoung. You hadn’t had a real date in a few months. Your excitement bubbled and you wanted to look your best. Picking out a cute little dress with a billowy skirt. You couldn’t help but twirl in front of the mirror and watch the skirt fwoosh about before it settled around your thighs. Grabbing your spaghetti-strapped purse, you opened the door to go to your meeting place. Your arm shot out and grabbed the door as you tripped over a box at your door.

               You looked down the hallway to see if you could see the person who’d left the package. Seeing no one you picked it up off the floor and walked back inside the apartment. You were about rip back the tape on the box when a familiar ringtone began to play from your phone. Quickly picking up, you heard Saeyoung’s voice on the other end of line.

               “I saw you in the CCTV. You looked adorable. Ahem, anyways I sent the package. I thought it was something we could try.”

               “Something we could try?” Holding the phone to your ear you looked over at the package. “What…umm…what is it?”

               “Open it.” He said quietly and it made you shiver.

               Holding the phone between your ear and shoulder you tore back the tape and opened the box. Taking back the plastic wrapping, your eyes widened and your cheeks flushed. “W-what is that?”

               “It’s me!” He said sounded very cheerful. “Well not exactly me, but a replica of me.”

               “B-but why would you send this to me?!” You asked in shock.

               “I thought we could try something. I control it from here.” He was sounding more and more cheerful as he spoke.

               “What do you mean control it?” As if to answer your question the box started to vibrate. Jumping back, you looked back at the box with widened eyes.

               “Go to the computer I gave you and bring it with you.” He said lustfully in your ear.

               Gulping hard you grabbed the box, it still vibrating slightly. Your stomach turned in knots as you sat in the chair and turned on the computer only to see Saeyoung, shirtless and smiling back at you. You tucked some hair behind your ear as you looked away in embarrassment.

               “This is more for you, _____” You heard from the computer’s speakers. “Just trust me.” Taking a deep breath, you nod to him as you squirmed in your seat. “Wait, are you already ready, ______?” You feel your face heat up even more as you look away. “Use your fingers, let me see.”

               Sitting bold upright in your chair you stare back at him. Your fingers twitched against your legs as you gently trailed your hand up your leg. Opening your legs slightly you gasped as you rubbed fingers over the damp spot on your panties. Moving them aside you slowly inserted two fingers before pulling them out slowly and holding them up. Spreading your wet fingers, you hear him gasp and look up at the computer screen at him. He looks at you with lust in his eyes and it makes your heart beat rapidly in your chest.

               “Okay then, take the replica in the box and it’ll be just like you’re on top. But, keep your panties on, kay?” His bold way of talking made your stomach knot pleasantly. Swallowing hard you take the replica of him out of the box and position yourself to insert it inside.

               It felt just like him and you couldn’t help but moan as you took all of it in. You gripped the computer desk biting your lower lip to hold back moans. You hear him groan before hearing the clacking of keys. Opening your eyes, you look at him on the computer screen. “W-what are you—ahhh!” You couldn’t hold back a moan when you started to feel vibrations. “S-Saeyoung, I c-can’t…” You gasped as you held onto the desk.

               “Shhh…” He said before starting to type at the keyboard again.

               “Oh God!” Your body shivered as movements were added to the vibrations. You closed your legs tightly as if to hold it in as you gasped and panted. “Al-almost…ahh...haaa…”

               Watching you on the screen about cum, Saeyoung noticed Saeran walk into the room and lean back on the table behind you, his arms crossed over his chest as he watched you. Smiling he kicked the underside of the seat. “Aahhhhhh!” Your back arched and he reached out and wrapped his arms around you. Using one hand he gently tilted your face up towards the ceiling. You felt his tongue trail up the side of your neck and nip at your ear. You shuddered despite yourself as the aftershocks of you orgasm pulsed through your body.

               Saeran looked at the screen, his lips still against your skin. Reaching over he put his finger on the power button of the computer. “Hurry over brother, we’re waiting.” He said before turning it off.
The One and Only Lawless
Basic outline ^^.....details and shading to come later! 


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Yep yep yep thats right all gonna try to get back into drawing and we'll see how that there goes lol


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